Why will you love LucidBrakes?

  • A LucidBrake is an active BRAKE light - not just a blinking light.
  • LucidBrakes don't require any altering of the Segway™!!!
  • They are wearable. Since they don't need to attach to the Segway — attach them to you!
  • A LucidBrake is highly visible - day and night.
  • LucidBrakes are totally weatherproof and waterproof - even without its cover.
  • They are lightweight - under 23 grams - before batteries.
  • One of a kind and available only from LucidLights, LLC
LucidBrake is not associated with the Segway corporation in any way.
The LucidBrakes can be used on Segways as an additional safety device.

Segways need brake lights & LucidBrakes work great on Segways!

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LucidBRAKE is like having six lights in one unit. The LucidBrake indicates 2-speeds of braking (normal and EMERGENCY) and has 4 different awareness beacon light modes for riders during normal riding - including a dim steady tail light mode as is mandated in some European countries.

LucidBRAKE has many great features, such as it can mount almost anywhere - either on the bicycle, an attachment to the bicycle or to the rider.

This bike brake light uses motion to determine where it is in space, so it knows - even when it is attached to a backpack how to accurately indicate BRAKING.

Customer Reviews:

  • "Works perfectly on a Segway - Peter Hubler, CEO at SegwayTouren24.de"
  • "LucidBRAKE is a god-send and a life-saver."
  • "Absolutely brilliant product - maybe the best brake light EVER made!"
  • "The attention to customer service has been excellent. I love the LucidBRAKEs guarantee!"

LucidBRAKE is the must-have safety product of the year for #bicycles everywhere!

LucidBRAKE is an active BRAKE light for bikes, Segways and any many other modes of transportation.

Available in Family 4-packs or bike group 10-packs

The LucidBrake works great on Segways!

It is an intertially-driven (motion-detecting) deceleration light. This unit has a tiny on-board computer built in so that it can detect where it is and what it is doing. If it is moving, it blinks, if it is stopping it flashes bright - no matter what it is attached to.

This unit was originally designed to help bicyclists be more visible and communicate their stopping to those behind them, but the applications for this technology are vast and varied. Segways - being another form of personal, wheeled transportation are especially vulnerable to the same type of collision from behind because there is no brake light system. Until now - the press-on application of the LucidBrake allows it to mount anywhere and it detects braking extremely well.

Other great applications include golf carts, pedicabs, horse-drawn vehicles, motorized wheel chairs and of course, bicycles.

LucidBrakes come with multiple fasteners so that if you have more than one device to put it in, you can easily move it from place to place - or better yet, get several - quantity discounts are available!

Our motion-detection brake lights:

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LucidBrake was awarded Invention of the Year 2015 at the Inventor Showcase

LucidBRAKE named Invention of the Year at the 2015 Inventor Showcase hosted by the DaVinci Institute

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Segways and LucidBrakes - a winning #safety combination!

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